shifty guy selling bike on filton avenue

chris duggan
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shifty guy selling bike on filton avenue

Postby chris duggan » 09 Dec 2012, 12:46

hi everyone,

thought i would drop this here just in case it is of any use to anyone, was cycling home about 25 mins ago, turned into filton avenue from Gloucester road (near the Bristol rovers ground) and was called from the other side of the road by a bloke in a baseball cap and a blue or white sports type jacket who asked me "Trek for sale, two-fifty". I couldn't stop or see much more than that because there was traffic behind me, the bike was obscured by parked cars, so i could only see the saddle and top part of the frame, it said Trek on it and the frame was silver.

Seemed suspect as hell to me, there are so many ways to sell an unwanted bike if its legit that have to be better than walking around the streets yelling at strangers. I have reported it to the police on 101, did this as soon as i got home, so maybe 10 minutes after the incident, they said they would send someone to have a look around and see if he is still about. Thought i would put it here as well tho just in case it helps anyone. Not sure of any other forums or groups for this sort of thing.


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shifty guy selling bike on filton avenue

Postby Evaestita » 24 Mar 2017, 08:59

What the hell does he think he'll do with a paramedic bike?
You can't exactly sell it

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shifty guy selling bike on filton avenue

Postby EvanStokBoms » 31 Mar 2017, 08:14

If the bike was pawned you probably wont see it for sale on the shop floor till the loan has expired, that could be a month or longer.

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