In this document, the terms "BMBC" and "The Club" refer to BRISTOL MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB, for which this document details the rules.

The Rules

  1. All club members shall wear a helmet while on the bike during rides arranged either by the club committee or by an individual club member (for example by posting on the forum).
  2. Free members may ride with the club a maximum of five times before joining as full members in order to comply with the conditions of our liability insurance.
  3. No member of BMBC shall be involved in trail construction unless the activity is
    1. organised through a recognised and authorised organisation (e.g. Bristol Trails Group, IMBA UK),
    2. with written permission from the appropriate land-owners and authorities and in agreement with the committee.
  4. Any club member under the age of 18 shall be accompanied on all club activities by a full club member who is a parent or legal guardian.
  5. No member shall post any copyrighted, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, discriminatory or otherwise illegal material on the website.
  6. All members shall cooperate fully with the website moderators.

Disciplinary Action

BMBC hopes never to have to take disciplinary action. However, the process is as follows:
If a member makes a complaint about you concerning a posting made by you on the website, you will be contacted by a moderator. He/she shall work with you to resolve the issue amicably, and if this is successful, no further action will be taken. Failure to cooperate, or repeated complaints will result in referral to the committee as described below.
Formal action may be taken by the committee for breach of the rules or repeated failure to comply with the conduct arising in a complaint being made. The committee shall notify the member and invite him to the next committee meeting where he may represent himself. The committee will treat all case in a consistent manner and aim to resolve the issue amicably; however they reserve the right to expel a member from the club for serious or repeated breaches of the rules.